About Gulnoza and Dilnoza – Gulnoza Dilnoza Milano

About Gulnoza and Dilnoza


GULNOZA DILNOZA Milano. Italian luxury ready to wear brand bearing the names of an exceptional designer partnership: Gulnoza and Dilnoza, twin sisters identical in every aspect, whose solid and perfect entente makes them absolutely unique and special. Just like their creative alchemy. 
Both sisters have a Bachelor’s Degree in International Law (UWED) and Master’s Degree in International Marketing from The University of Buckingham (ESE) Milan. From childhood they were creative and have always adored fashion. So they decided to stay on in Milano to complete their training in the luxury goods industry by passing from theory to practice through internships in  showrooms of international fashion houses.   
This working experience confirmed and reinforced their enthusiasm for fashion and apparel to such an extent that, despite their complete studies in law and economics, they discovered a creative talent for design, moved by a desire/need to express their own fashion concepts. 
The decision to build GULNOZA DILNOZA Milano brand was a very personal one. 
Therefore this brand has a very personal approach and feel to it. 
Each design and color decision is based on designers intuition, personal vision and sensibility. 
The taste of twins, designers are visible in each piece. Very best Italian sustainable fabrics, sophisticated volumes, clean lines, precise tailoring, impeccable quality and their signature details mixed with contemporary-classic silhouettes and amazing Made In Italy workmanship sum up the idea behind the brand. 
The general vibe that characterizes the GULNOZA DILNOZA Milano brand: chic, timeless elegance, youthful, traditional, sophisticated, classy-sexy and perfect fit designs. 
The brand attracts intelligent women of all ages who are cultured and self-confident, cosmopolitan and connoisseurs of all that is beautiful: whether they live in the United States, Middle East, Europe or Asia, they all share an innate passion for living intensely in the name of beauty. 
The twins have chosen to launch the brand in Italy, the country of manufacture: what better way to guarantee authentic luxury. Their work has been published on several top-tier magazines such as Vogue and GQ.  Based in Milan the Gulnoza and Dilnoza twins are taking the fashion industry by storm by constantly innovating their designs to be more chic and glamorous.